Martin Ott’s Newest Book

We’re excited to see yet another Arroyo contributor release a new book! From C&R Press comes Martin Ott’s (Issue Four) science-fiction novel, Spectrum. Ott has been compared to “a young Samuel R. Delany, mixing strike-hard language and razor-slicing ideas into a sensual mix of fictional possibilities.” True to form, Spectrum is a reflection of our present political landscape, exploring the “outer spectrum of what we love and hate, and the inner spectrum of the people we love and hate.” You can purchase a copy through C&R’s website!


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Jacqueline Doyle’s Book Prize

Another fine award reaches one of Arroyo‘s own! Jacqueline Doyle (Issue Two) recently won the Spring 2016 Black River Chapbook Competition for her collection of short fiction, titled The Missing Girl. These “haunting, evocative stories” were selected from a list of finalists that included other fiction writers as well as poets. We anticipate reading Doyle’s work with much excitement!

The Missing Girl is forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press next September.

Christopher Buckley’s Newest Collection

Autumn continues to be an exciting time for past Arroyo contributors: Christopher Buckley, a California poet, has released a new collection of poems titled Star Journal! Buckley has been praised by the Library Journal as a “unique poetic voice, a sort of breathless, long-sentenced style that is gripping and captivating.” Compiled from his work of over thirty years, Star Journal is published by University of Pittsburgh Press and is available now on Amazon!


Michelle Ross’ Fiction Award

Another Arroyo contributor receives high praise for her craft! This time, it is Michelle Ross (Issue Eight). Her short fiction collection, There’s So Much They Haven’t Told You, won Moon City Press’ 2016 Short Fiction Prize last month. Readers can expect to see this book published next spring, with an AWP debut at Washington, D.C. We are looking forward to it!

You can see the full list of finalists at Moon City Press’ announcement page.

We had mistaken Ross’ There’s So Much They Haven’t Told You as a short story when it is, in actuality, a short fiction collection. This has since been corrected and we apologize for the confusion.

sam sax’s Poetry Prize

Another round of applause for sam sax (Issue Eight), who is one of five winners of the National Poetry Series Open Competition! This prestigious award highlights rising talents in the field of poetry, allowing their work to better reach the eyes and ears of readers and established poets alike. We at Arroyo are delighted that our contributors keep impressing others with the mastery of their craft, just as they’ve impressed us.

MADNESS is sax’s entry; you can find the full list of other winners on this webpage.

sam sax’s Fellowship Placement

We are excited to announce that sam sax (Issue Eight) has recently been chosen as a finalist for the Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship! Offered by Poetry Foundation, recipients will be awarded $25,800 to continue their work as poets. The Poetry Foundation will formally announce these recipients around September 1st.

Congratulations to sax for this commendation! You can view the full list of finalists by visiting this webpage.