Arroyo Literary Review #2 / Spring 2010


Jacqueline Doyle
Story As Sacrament: An Interview with Dorothy Alison



Kate Braverman
Science of Navigation

Danny Sullivan Rice
Johnny Burnout

Jeff Fearnside
Wing Walking

Billy Howell



Christopher Buckley
Hanging Out
Lost Light
Een Paar Schoenen

John Olivares-Espinoza
The Following Is Not Suitable for Children Under Fourteen
Rosary for Julia Olivares

Penelope Schott
Now that I live among the baboons
Second Tour

Alexander Long
Still Life with Fredrick Douglass Learning the Alphabet, Stopping for a Moment at Q
Still Life with Paul Celan by the Seine

Jesse Nissim
The Limit
In the lost sea, according to rings

Kevin Clark

Sharon Olsen
My Parents Quarrelling, Again
That Day
Wassily Kandinsky’s Defense at the (Imaginary) Tribunal of Degenerate Artists

Lynne Knight
Anxiety Attack, with Rain
Elegy for the Ages
Eternity at the Comstock Cemetary

Eugenio Montejo (Translated by Kirk Nesset)
La Hora De Hamlet/Hamlet’s Hour
Un Año/A Year



Eugenio Montejo (Translated by Kirk Nesset)
El Taller Blanco/The White Workshop


Cover Art
“At the Boundary” by Jonathan Viner

Interior Portfolio
Naomi Grossman