Arroyo Literary Review #5 / Spring 2013

An interview with Tupelo Hassman

Poetry from Sarah Bardeen, Ellen Bass, Ruth Bavetta, Daniel Berger, Lucille Lang Day, Jaydn DeWald, CB Follett, Catherine Freeling, Andrew Jones, Andrew David King, Lisa C. Krueger, Robert Krut, Daniel J. Langton, Nina Lindsay, Dan O’Brien, Penelope Scambly Schott, Patty Seyburn, Kurt Steinwand, Cynthia White, Helen Wickes, and Matt Zambito

Poetry translations of Annelisa Addolorato by Bill Wolak and Maria Bennett, and Hafez Shirazi by Roger Sederat

New fiction from Matt Blasi, Lindsey Crittenden, Laurie Ann Doyle, and Ethel Rohan

Nonfiction by Christopher Buckley, Tupelo Hassman, and Michael Larkin

Interior portfolio by Eric Zener

Cover art by Martin Wittfooth