Spring 2009

Patty Seyburn, “The Case for Free Will”


Heather Altfeld, “From The Desk of the Night-Clerk…”
Mark Jay Brewin, Jr., “On Garages”
Elton Glaser, “Exit Strategy”
Jonathan Bohr Heinen, “Trying”
Willy Lizárraga, “True Artists Only Have…”


Ellen Bass, “Broken”
Matt Blasi, “Song and Dance”
Lucille Lang Day, “Falling in Florence”
Michael Larkin, “More Pleasure for You”
Dan O’Brien, “The War Reporter…”
Matthew Zambito, “After Downing Sixteen Domestic Beers…”

Arroyo Six Cover
James Galvin, “Low Lying Areas”
Rachel Howard, “Frank Black”
Tim Kahl, “Waiting for Taco”
Elena Megalos, “Facts About Japan”
Dean Rader, “Praise Song for the Petty Fury”
Patricia Smith, “Where Black Begins and Don’t End”
Soldán & Nesset, “The End”

Issue Seven Cover

Chad Sweeney, “Meteor Shower”
& “Door Beneath a House”

Issue Eight Cover
Anne Cecilia Holmes, “Anthology of Lost Beliefs”
Ruth Madievsky, “Flight”
Kim Magowan, “Shingles”
Eric Neuenfeldt, “Wild Horse”
Michelle Ross, “Virgins”
Adam Scheffler, “Self and Hive”