Kirk Nesset Releases Translations

Kirk Nesset’s book of translations, Alphabet of the World: Selected Work by Eugenio Montejo, portions of which originally appeared in Issue Two, is now available!

Alphabet of the World is a selected anthology of poetry and prose by Eugenio Montejo, translated by Kirk Nesset. Montejo is one of Venezuela’s most distinguished poets and a crucial voice in Latin American literature. The book offers a comprehensive, wide-ranging selectionpoetry, essays, and heteronymic worksas well as a critical introduction, notes, and bibliography. It offers the kind of scope needed in introducing a major Latin American author to a wider, international audience.

Christopher Buckley (Issue Two) had interviewed Nesset on translating Montejo’s work in the February 2011 issue of The Writer’s Chronicle, which you can find here. For more information on Nesset’s other works, visit his website.


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