Trebor Healey’s Reissued Collection

Trebor Healey, a contributor to Arroyo‘s premiere issue with his poem “Brine,” is pleased to announce the re-issue of his 2006 collection Sweet Son of Pan through Rebel Satori Press. From the website:

Sweet Son of Pan is a collection of erotic poems, born of crushes, love affairs, fantasies, dreams, and real experiences with men from around the world. These poems are written in a mood of devotion, a praise through language of the sweetest garden we enter as physical beings. They are a response to the sadness that is often a consequence of sex; the fear that so unnecessarily surrounds it; the disrespect that is visited upon it. They are wishes; elegies for our lost brothers—and for the parts of our selves that our lost; parts we rediscover. They are a reaffirmation of sexual freedom and the wisdom that can be gained from the journey along that path—glimpses of paradise, our oneness and timelessness—and if we are lucky, of a small horned creature with cloven hooves who reminds us we came here only to share, and to share joyfully.

“Trebor Healey is not only a priest of Eros and a sweet son of the randy god Pan, but a poet whose work would make his literary forebears proud. His lyrics extend Walt Whitman’s and Alien Ginsberg’s poetic missions into the twenty-first century, celebrating masculinity and the magnetic power of the male body, singing the delights of sexual freedom and sensual variety.” — Jeff Mann, author of Bones Washed with Wine

For more about Sweet Son of Pan, click here. To learn more about Trebor Healey, visit his website.


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