Our first trip to AWP in Denver was more than we hoped for. The cold weather couldn’t keep us from all the panels, the full book fair, and all of other events and goings-on. Sharing a table with Richard Peabody from Gargoyle / Paycock Press might sound crowded, but it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time, meeting all of the amazing writers and students that came to check out Gargoyle and met Arroyo for the first time. Richard, you’re awesome. We shared insights with Kitty Lewis from Brick Books in Canada, and became utterly enthralled with the guerilla promotion tactics from the many editors at Ugly Duckling Presse at Table X, who made quite a stir by standing on their chairs silently for minutes at a time and reading foldable issues aloud in the middle of the aisles. Whatever you guys did, it worked. We couldn’t stop staring. Thanks for the issues of 6X6 you guys swapped for an issue of Arroyo.

We met writers, publishers, editors, swapped issues for issues, traded fun stories with Chatham, and enjoyed drinks with the editors from Cimarron Review. We had an amazing experience, and we hope everyone else did, too. Can’t wait to go back.


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